Supermarket deli roast turkey OOPS!

I stopped at the deli counter and ordered one pound of roast turkey. As
usual I mention I'll stop back after some shopping. Why stand around?

So I shopped some more and loaded up on some frozen foods, one of which
was a pint of raspberry sherbet.

The urgency of getting the sherbet home before melting, I rushed to the
checkout lines and completely forgot to pick up my roast turkey!!!

I put everything away when I realized my oops!

So I made another roundtrip back to the supermarket to claim my roast
turkey that was still sitting on the deli counter, maybe an hour later.
And also bought a $1.00 lottery chance at $180M which if I win means all
the rfc membership turkey club sandwiches are on me!!!

Jeni-O brand, not the recalled ground turkey.