Stressed out Individuals need lots of Vitamins, Here's Why

Psychological stress - the kind you feel when you are facing a job evaluation - may affect how you process nutrients. If you are stressed out, it is likely you have been running around with an upset stomach tried into knots.Lots of people under stress do not absorb or digest food as well as they should. Because of this, the vitamin B in your body can become depleted. While you will certainly want to check with your doctor, nutritional experts often recommend multivitamins and minerals that include the following.

* B-Complex vitamins (the antistress vitamins)
* Vitamins A,C, and E
* Calcium

The Bs are currently important, you can get them in a healthy diet:

B Vitamin - rich Healthy Diet
* Beans
* Lean meat
* Whole-grain and enriched cerels
* Poultry
* Fish
* Dairy products

If Bs are your target, avoid demineralized cereal, white flour, and white rice.

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