I really wanted some spinach couple days ago, but all the bags of the brand
I usually buy were kinda grody. Wet, dark mashed pieces inside. So I got
the slightly more expensive "baby spinach" that was in better shape... I
was going to microwave some (I guess I lied the other day about not
microwaving vegetables. I think spinach and corn are the only ones I
microwave.) Anyway, most all the baby spinach had long stems. At least
1-2" I don't like the stems so pull them off. Just thought it odd the
stems were longer and more prevalent in the more expensive bag of spinach.
Are stems consider more upscale and connoisseur?

2 shrooms
1/2 slice american cheese
garlic (smoosched on plate and tossed in spinach)
black bean veggie patty, overcooked so crunchy
crushed black pepper

might add Bertolli marinara to one half. Perhaps Kroger version of
margarine to the other half.