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Thread: SOT Pot: Twinkies Jay Leno joked. Recipe. (Long)

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    Andy Guest

    Default SOT Pot: Twinkies Jay Leno joked. Recipe. (Long)

    SOT Pot: Twinkies Jay Leno joked. Recipe. (Long)

    "Washington state has legalized mariuana. That's 19 states

    Local FOX morning newsworthy... New Jersey today opens it's
    first medical mariuana store, three years after Gov. Coryme
    signed into law before leaving ofice.

    To start off, o the 400 patients, only 20 a day will be let
    in and by appointment only. The monthly limite per patient
    is two ounces a mont. So doncha be rolling spliffs, mon!

    I'm on the fence about medical mariuana. I was waste in 'Dam
    once and walked into a cement sidewalk car crash barrier and
    gouged out a chunk o skin. Getting re-wasted minutes later
    didn't ease my pain and stupidity one bit, for days.

    If I needed medical mariuana, I'd eat it, being far safer
    than smoking it, imho. For which I offer my tried and true
    oatmeal recipe:

    Oatmeal a la Ganja
    Serves:a 1

    A packed handful of mariuana leaves OR a large marble-sized
    bud*. NO hashish!!!**
    A single serving packet o instant oatmeal
    1 Tbls real butter
    Optional fruit, nuts, etc.

    In a small saucepan add water called for on oatmeal packet
    plus a tablespoon. Add the butter and cook over low heat
    until the butter melts then raise the water to a low simmer.

    Add the leaves or broen up bud and let simmer for 10 minutes,
    stirring gently to leach out the THC into the butter.

    Strain out the leaves or bud crumbs and throw away.

    Add oatmeal and cook per instructions.

    Serve, adding optional fruit, nuts, brown sugar, etc.


    Wait a little while and presto... you're toast!

    * The buds of today are 10 times or more potent than the
    homegrown leaves we used in the 1980. So go easy on bud
    quantity. You absolutely CANNOT O.D. on marijuana. Too much
    is wasteful and will merely turn your buzz into a snore.

    ** Hashish is routinely adulterated with compounds to
    increasse weight cand volume and others, like opium, that if
    injested *could* be dangerous or fatal.

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    Tommy Joe Guest

    Default Re: SOT Pot: Twinkies Jay Leno joked. Recipe. (Long)

    On Dec 7, 7:07*am, Andy <a...@b.c> wrote:

    > * The buds of today *are 10 times or more potent than the
    > homegrown leaves we used in the 1980. So go easy on bud
    > quantity. You absolutely CANNOT O.D. on marijuana. Too much
    > is wasteful and will merely turn your buzz into a snore.

    Not to disrespect your recipe, but I was wondering if you also
    know how to make pot lollipops. I have eaten pot only once. A
    regular in the cab gave me what he called a lollipop. This was about
    4 years ago. It was on a stick. I'd say it was a bit smaller than my
    index finger. It had a stick in it, just like a lollipop.

    When I got it home I took a good look at it and removed it from
    the stick. It was the consistency of caramel, the square candies that
    come individually wrapped. I took that mass and made shaped into into
    an oblong figure, flat on all sides, and then cut it into 3 pieces.
    It was just intuition. I figured if it wasn't enough I could always
    take more later. But it was perfect. I used 1/3rd of the shaped log
    each day and got a really nice high from it.

    The reason I like the lollipop idea is that it seems that it
    would be really easy to make. Your oatmeal recipe seemed pretty easy
    too. But I don't care a lick about taste here, just a practical
    delivery method. Also, a handful of compressed weed - in terms of
    weight, what would you say that would be? I'm asking these questions
    because I really want to make some edible weed product (not requiring
    an oven), and am afraid to move forward without a more exact
    description of amounts and procedure as failure would be a costly
    adventure. I haven't had any really good weed in a long time, so I
    would be using pretty low grade stuff - about $30 a quarter around
    here. It's not bad or I wouldn't be using it, but it's not the good
    stuff. I know people who tried and failed to cook weed. They swear
    they followed instructions to the letter and still failed. I don't
    want to fail at $30 a clip. Anyway, if a hassle, don't respond - but
    if you know how to make the lollipop weed (and I don't care about the
    sticks, just the substance), I would appreciate your version if you
    have one. Also, in your description of adding the weed to the oatmeal
    and then "later straining it out", in my imagination it seems that
    removing the weed from the oatmeal would be a chore. I'd be willing
    to try your recipe but I just don't like the monetary challenge of
    it. Thanks.


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