So what else about Kansas City?

We road tripped to Kearney to Jessie Jame's home where he was born and

Also stopped at Watkins Woolen Mill in Kearney.

We then road tripped to Independence and visited the Truman Home,
Courthouse, where I got to pick up Harry S. Truman's courtroom phone. I
also stabbed at a cash register just outside the courtroom where (I guess)
bail could be set at $999.99. But when I pulled the handle and it rang and
the draw opened there was no money!

Did stop at the train station of Truman's last whistle stop and peeked
inside his train which was honestly a wreck as it stands. It's an Amtrak
stop today.

Missed finding Frank James (F J cemetery marker).

Heartland of America BUM!!!