Slop-on, Slop-off... The Slopper!!!

Seems as though the citizens of Pueblo, Colorado, USA have themselves a
running friendly food feud over a dish called "The Slopper." First I've
heard of it.

The combatants for the best Slopper in Pueblo are the Sunset Inn vs.
Gray's 'Coors' Tavern.

The Travel Channel program "Food Wars" got it all on tape.

It looks like a mixed up (stacking order) chili cheeseburger. The
hamburger goes on the bun, in a shallow bowl, then the top bun, then
they drown that in chili and put grated cheese on top! It certainly
looks filling but I've never eaten a chili cheeseburger with a spoon!

It definitely lives up to its name!

It's a silly dish imho. Seems like somebody's half baked idea but it's
been around for decades!

It's one of those things where the citizens are "fiercely divided" about
one over the other. The secret chili recipes seem to be a deciding
factor. I'm not going to say who won but as always, bragging rights is a
highly prized honor to have in your back pocket! They forgot to mention
if it's repeated annually.

It was a fun show.

If I found myself in Pueblo, CO, I'd have to try both and then knowingly
be glad I don't live there! <vbg>

Have you had a Slopper?

I might be a little less knowledgeable but
being less knowledgeable, I have more fun.