OK, growing up I think my Mom used Gold Medal flour. I think that was
a staple in our home. I think a lot, if not everyone, seems to use it.

Now that I plan to cook from scratch, I need flour. My instinct says
to just grab Gold Medal flour from the supermarket.

I'm looking to eat healthy, and incorporate more grain into our
balanced diets.

So I have a couple of questions:

#1. Is Gold Medal flour fine? Or are there better brands? And if so,
what makes one brand of flour better than another, the way the flour
is produced I assume?

#2. Wheat flour or All Purpose flour? I thought flour comes from wheat
anyway, so I'm a little confused. And is Wheat flour better for you
than all purpose flour? (I'm assuming yes)

#3. Waffle Flour? Since I'm interested in making waffles from
scratch, do I want to use waffle flour like Golden Malted Pancake &
Waffle Flour as found at amazon.com

Or do I just want to buy the flour mentioned in #1 or #2 at the
supermarket that I plan to cook everything with (muffins, bread, etc.)
and use that?