Do not mean to offend anyone but ehre is my story. I was born when
my mother was alomst 40 and my father who was a bit older than my
mother and so by the time I was in my 20s, my maternal aunt and uncle
whom my mother had cut contacts when I was about 8 were in their 60s.
My uncle got married when he was almost 40 and so his oldest son was
just a yewar younger then me. My aunt also had children born at old
age and so one was my age and two were 2 youngers. So, I didn't see
them anymore while 2 older children of my aunt also stopped visiting
us in time. That aunt was such a bully thatin the early years after
the ties cut, when my oldest brother in his early 20s - who was
becoming successful trading precious stones which he started after
college, took his oldest son who was older and spoiled, into the
trading business, and let that cousin of mine carry some big amount of
cash - cash was the medium used back then, my aunt took them all and
use it for the wedding for that son of hers who was a Momma's.

I grew up hearing a list of things they did to my mom whom I now
realized never really understood that thei big sister and brother were
nothing but pettey jealous creatures toward her. I do understand that
the jealosuy got worse after nationalization when everyone of them
went through a tough time but my father fared well due to his ....

So, on festive days, while my neighbors had their first cousins and
aunts and uncles visiting them, I did not see my cousins nor aunt and
uncle. My aunts on my father's side were older and their children were
older with their own family and they lived far too. Anyway,
when I was 21, after a fight with my Mom, I decided to go stay at my
uncle's house to make my mother annoyed. I did not expect my uncle to
stay a few things he said about my mother, all of them lies. One was
that my mother eloped with my father. the other was that he was the
one who helped my father financially and made him become the
businessman my father was, implying as if my father was nobody before.
I couldn't believe the childishness. I had already finsihed college
and on my way to US to attend graduate school, how coulod he convince
me that my father, who was much older than him - about 10-11 years,
and was revered and respected by so many people was nobody was beyound
me. But, he wa smy uncle, I was just barely officially and adult and
so didn't say anything but I never contacted him after I came to US.

My uncle was in his 60s at that time. My aunt who wa solder was as
childish as well. She was making some comments about me. the funny
thing was that both of them would not hesitant to brag about me to the
their giests who knew my family as well as I was good academically and

Now fats forward so many years, my much oder sisters are just like
them while I am just like my mother who would take crap from anyone
aside from being considered the prettiest girl in the family.

And I do not see my sisters stopping with their childishness since my
oldets sister was trying to portray me in bad light - bad light in a
sense to ruin my staus of being known amoung the relatives as "She had
it all" - when my oldest nephew and his wife visited me ealry this

So, you see why I feel great when I realized that it's not just my
family (the older ones especilly) who act so chidish

Hope you have been entertained by this story Oh, yes, I have no
respect for that aunt and uncle just as I have none for my oldest
sister; I don't hate her but I am not going to pretend that I like
here as a person. It's not a crime, is it?