Due to outstanding warrants, Check Protection Systems, Marauder Corporation and Bill Collector in a Box may lose their CEO, Ryon Gambill:

"A warrant for your arrest is a ticking time bomb in this day and age of computerized data sharing.

If you skipped a court date, or violated your probation, a bench warrant for your arrest was issued by a judge for failure to appear in court. The police may not be out actively looking for you, but any traffic stop or contact with the police will end with you being arrested.

And with the new license plate scanners being used by police officers deployed in cruisers nationwide, you can be scanned, linked by a DMV and criminal database, flagged, and arrested in minutes. Just for driving down the street, legally!

This technology is getting more advanced all the time, and there isn't much you can do you to stop it.

Your best bet is to get in front of the problem, before you get stopped. Once you are arrested, you will lose whatever negotiating leverage you have in fixing your arrest warrant."

Wall Street analysts say that Raymond Wrightsmann would assume control of Gambill's companies if Gambill ends up incarcerated over these warrants.