I would like to bring a big salad for a fund raising lunch at school
on Monday. I am thinking of a rice salad. With what I have on hand,
I am trying to imagine a sort of Texas caviar version of rice salad.
I have:

white rice
tomato salsa
black-eyed peas
roasted red peppers in olive oil
fresh parsley

So -- I could cook some rice with a few smashed cloves of garlic
and/or a bit of chicken bouillion powder in the water, then dress it
while warm with the salsa mixed with some oil from the roasted red
peppers. Once it cools, mix in the drained black-eyed peas and
chopped vegetables. Top it with lots of fresh parsley. It will be
served at room temperature.

Should I add some shredded cheese to the salad? Does it sound
edible? I don't want to buy a lot of extra ingredients, but I am
open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.