At my nearby Asian food market I saw a large display of
so-called Korean honey melons. Each one is about as long
as a large russet potato, though greater in diameter.
Kinda pricey at $3 for a pack of two. I never had one
before, so I bought a pack.

They are yellow with pale stripes on the outside.
Inside, they are completely white. Easy to peel,
and easy to scoop out the seeds with a spoon like
a cucumber. The flesh is firm like a Red Delicious
apple. It's sweet and has a subtle flavor that at
first reminded of bananas, then cantaloupe. That's
it -- it's like the flavor of a cantaloupe with the
texture of an apple.

Pretty good, but I won't be buying them regularly.
If I make a fruit salad for a potluck, I might use them.
I like using unfamiliar ingredients in potluck dishes,
to leave people guessing what they just ate.