There is little question that red wine seems to have a great deal of health
benefits. As a matter of fact I just finished a glass of a nice coastal

Good stuff, I think I'll pour another. Most of us are familiar with the
"French Paradox" that being that the French have a high fat diet and do not
seem to have a great deal of heart problems. I think I read someplace the
French along with the Italiams seem to habe the highest wine consumption
rates. Boy this zinfandel has a nice arona . I wonder if the pepper and
blackberry I smell can be tasted. I think I'll see. Damn my glass in empty.

Time for a refil. As I was saying the new study claims or indicated some of
the components inn red wine may actually help fiend off aging. I womder if
one has enough if it cam reverte the aging procedure.

I rebember my gramnfather was instructed to have a drimk or 2 after he had a
heart attack. I don't remember him having w=ne but a double Manhattan when
he came home and read the evening paper. That two seems to be a lost art.
Raeding the evening paper. I winder if they still prublish an evning paper?

This zin is really nice I remember when a put several bottles awau to age
under the stairs? It truelyu is amazement how wine smooths out over time.
Two ban whites donte age amd impriove with time.

One o f the nice thaing abuot red wine is is haves little effect and one cam
have several glasses wwifout an imparement. Tiem to have a piece of cheese
amd refill my poor empty glass. Sometimes i feel sorry for empty wine
glesses it seems like they are lonely and kneed to be filled.

Tiem for a bit more befour dinner.

I think I shoud concentrate on drinign more red wine, after all its better
for me that habing a tarmini wiff omions although I really dio like the
pikled omions.

Am I sure gladd drimking redd wine am good for is all.
Old Scoundrel

(AKA Dimitri)