This is a weekly pointer to the FAQ and conversion
file. If you do not want to see it every week, you should put the
title, which will not change, into your killfile.

The FAQ and conversion file is posted monthly to,, rec.answers and news.answers. It is
also available as an easy-to-navigate frames version at


There is both a link to a no-frames version and a built-in no-frames
content for older or text-only browsers.

The FAQ and conversion file has two parts. The first
part covers conversion and equivalence. Tables are given for conversion
of oven temperatures, food names, weights and measures. Some useful
substitutions for unavailable ingredients are suggested.

The second part is more descriptive. It outlines some of the commonly
discussed topics of and explains a number of food
terms. It also lists other food-related newsgroups and mailing lists,
as well as food-related FAQs, recipe archives and other food/cooking