On Dec 23, 6:44*pm, Sqwertz <swe...@cluemail.compost> wrote:
> So fess up: what do you hate about people-eating mannerisms that other
> people may think otherwise? *Feel free to disguise your own guilt as
> somebody else's. I admit I'm pretty hard to gross out, but mine would
> be eating bone-in ribeyes like chicken drumsticks. *But I never do
> that in public unless I'm really hungry and don't have anyplace to
> cook it.

People that chew with their mouths open, smack their lips, etc.
Gluttony is a huge turn-off. Watching fat people pack it in is pretty
gross. I hate when people take the bag of chips and pour it into
their gaping maws. But lip smacking is top of the list.