On Aug 25, 7:04*pm, "cshenk" <cshe...@cox.net> wrote:
> Good old hurricane Irene is headed here. *All south hampton roads paths
> are pretty glommered by the folks from NC and the outerbanks.
> I should be fine. *I can't leave if they call for it before Friday
> night and by then, it may well be safer to hunker down here than be
> caught on the minimal outbound routes we have from here for our huge
> population.
> Wish us all well.
> --

We're smackdab in the middle of the Delmarva Peninsula. Here's hoping
Irene turns out to sea. We've been thru other hurricanes in Jersey
and here, but only one other with the eye hitting us. My biggest worry
is all the trees around the house.
Catch ya all later, Nan in DE Everyone closer to the water God Speed!!