On May 11, 4:40*pm, Brooklyn1 <Gravesend1> wrote:
> Dave Smith wrote:
> >I am in a bit of a bind about grass mowing. I have more than an acre of
> >lawn to cut. I could let it grow longer and cut it less often.
> >Experience tells me that if I mow it before it gets too long I can scoot
> >along at a good clip (no pun intended) and there is no strain on the
> >engine and a good discharge of clippings. If I wait until it gets longer
> >I have to run the engine at a higher speed and mow at a slower speed. I
> >think the more efficient way is to do it more often.

> Correct... mowing at the optimal height the mower is designed for is
> the most economical method. *If you let the grass grow high you'd need
> to mow twice, once with the deck raised, then again at the correct
> height.. mowers will prematurely break down from fatigue when
> attempting to cut grass that's too high all in one fell swoop... I
> often need to mow particular areas in height increments when the
> ground is too wet to mow in early spring. *But one can cut fuel costs
> significantly by choosing a mower that's best designed for the
> terrain, that is one with appropriate horsepower. *I have two mowers,
> one is 7' wide and attached to a 43 horsepower tractor, the other is
> 54" wide and attached to an 18 horsepower tractor... both diesel. *I
> burn about half as much fuel mowing my 10 acres of turf with my small
> unit, but it takes me three times longer. *However I'm retired so time
> doesn't mean a whole lot and I can DVR my TV shows (lol) still I'm not
> about to spend four days a week astride a tractor. *Mostly what
> affects which mower I use is the weather, when the ground is wet I use
> the lighter machine, the heavier machine would bog down to its axles.
> Now that it's still early spring here and the ground is exceptionally
> wet this year I've been mowing about 6 acres with my small unit, the
> rest is still too wet... I tried this morning but decided I'd rather
> wait than need to be towed out, after the ground dried sufficiently to
> get there with the large unit. *One acre is still a lot of mowing, too
> much for a typical push mower but it can be done in two or three
> sections if one has the time, assuming one has the stamina. *You can
> really save fuel if you were to use a manual push reel mower... you'd
> pretty much need to mow a full day every day all growing season. *I
> give mowing and fuel prices a lot of thought, there is really no way
> to use less fuel and still mow. and I'm not about to quit mowing and
> let this property go back to nature... then I may as well move to a
> city condo, ain't happening.

I knew of a cemetery which was so overgrown and the 'residents' so
long gone that there was no care. A nearby church's priest let loose
some sheep in there and voila - problem solved.