Sqwertz wrote:
> If you're like me - tall, dark, handsome, rich, Ph.D., LL.D., MBA, and
> don't shop the cookie aisles - let it be known that White Chocolate
> Covered Oreos are out again for the holiday season with a list price
> of $3.49 per 12ct box (minus $.50 coupon on mine).
> They don't taste as good as I remember them. Also they call it
> "fudge" covered now. I think they used to be made of actual white
> chocolate, but now it's that palm kernel oil crapola. And the box
> seems much smaller. I'm, pretty sure there was 18 to a box
> previously.
> That was my last box of these. They have reached the point of no
> value and no return like so many other products these days.

Like tuna that used to be packed in olive oil and is now in 3-in-one oil or
something that tastes like it. (I now buy only "Tonno" and I don't care if
it costs $3.)


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