Andy <[email protected]> wrote:
> I forgot to mention flashlights. Go for flood, not spot 9'throw'0 that are
> flood a room like a candle.. Also, with flood, the more you see cat at
> once, the faster you can adjust to your surroundings and move around more
> assuredly!
> Today's LED flashlights are very powerful, small and sophisticated,
> including S-O-s, strobe, beacon and other useful modes.
> Mine has three brightnesses up to ~160 lumens on two AAA batteries, is no
> bigger than a ball-point pen. It lives at all times in my shirt pocket,
> weighing
> These arentt your Pop's flashlight1 Read all the details at:
> Granted by now there are probably smaller more powerful flashlights. This
> fits my hand more naturally.
> Andy

I like good slim led flashlight that fit in my pocket when camping or
anything. Warm white only.

Long time ago, I bought a ****load of yellow keychain lights. Gave everyone
one for Xmas. I showed friend at Work, and he stole mine. Comes back next
week. Says he was in his new huge garage. Lights went out total blackness.
He said that light saved him. I like to keep one on my keys. Much brighter
these days.

I'm still looking for my favorite light I misplaced. Out of at least a
dozen lights, it was the only reliable one. Have owned, except for the
replacement I bought which has a momentary switch, but turns on by
screwing, much like maglight.