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>>> ( those are known around here as the last words of a Redneck.) I
>>> opened a can of sauerkraut and it exploded - hair, face, shirt and
>>> counter generously splattered.

>> Your first mistake was in buying *canned* sauerkraut. I'm not a fan
>> of sauerkraut but I was given a recipe for pork roast years ago that
>> required it. I was told definitely don't buy the canned stuff. Seems it
>> also comes in a bag in the cold produce section

> So it does in your store, but so it does not in my entire country. Even in
> the USA saurkraut wasn't always available other than in cans.

It's too bad you can't get it. The refrigerated stuff is much better. Around
here (USA Kansas City) Frank's brand offers both canned and refrigerated
kraut. The nice thing is that they sell small little bags, just enough for a
couple reubens or to serve with some knackwurst.