On 10/04/2011 2:37 AM, Omelet wrote:

>>> Oh how I sympathize with you. I had that happen to me years ago with a
>>> can of tomato paste. It shot all over the place, even the ceiling,
>>> I'll never forget that. Now I buy tomato paste in the tubes, safer
>>> that way.

>> Me too. I had a can of tomato paste that had been around for a few
>> years. I had a hand held can opener. I pushed the lever down to puncture
>> the top and there was an instant spray of red. It was on the ceiling,
>> four walls, two windows and the floor.

> Wouldn't most cans in that condition be "bulgy"???

One of the reasons for using the tube shape is that the sides are strong
and can stand up to pressure. There was absolutely no indication that
there was anything wrong with the can or contents. There was no rust.
The top was clean. I know that it had been around for a year, maybe
two. I had the can sitting on the counter. I put the opener in place,
pressed the lever down and BOOM! Tomato paste everywhere. Hell, I didn't
think there was that much on one of those small cans. If it had been a
can of pain I would not have got as much area coverage.