Sqwertz wrote:
> I have one of those 4+lb cans of chunk light tuna (albacore is too dry
> for me), and the only thing that comes to mind is ... tuna salad, of
> course. Curry, raisins, fruit of any kind is out of the question (or
> answers, as it may be). But other than celery or water chestnuts,
> mayo, salt, pepper, dill relish, little mustard.... what else?

I like to use sour cream in addition to mayo. With a stronger fish like
salmon salad maybe even instead of mayo.

Chopped celery or onions. A tiny amount of citrus acid. Maybe some
finely diced herbs from the plants in the Aerogarden in the kitchen or
in the racks out on the deck in the non-winter seasons.

Are you including what it's mixed onto rather than just what's mixed
into it? A nice rye crisp bread. Celery sticks. A spoon (like the
standard recipe for Nutella but savory not sweet). A hollowed out
tomato. Or what it's included into? Tuna noodle casserole with good
cheese varieties and other tidbits.