On Nov 8, 12:03*pm, Sqwertz <swe...@cluemail.compost> wrote:
> I have one of those 4+lb cans of chunk light tuna (albacore istoo dryfor me), and the only thing that comestomind is ... tuna salad, of
> course. *Curry, raisins, fruit of any kind is out of the question (or
> answers, as it may be). *But other than celery or water chestnuts,
> mayo, salt, pepper, dill relish, little mustard.... what else?
> Should I expectthiscantocontain larger chunks than the mush
> usually found in the perpetually-shrinking smaller cans?
> -sw

Funny. I'm having tuna salad for lunch. I'll put some walnuts in
there as well. I'll put the TS on a slice of big ole' tomato, and eat
some red bell pepper on the side.
My TS is simpler than yours: canned tuna, mayo, some diced onion,
lemon juice, a bit of apple cider vinegar, walnuts(I got half walnuts,
I'll chop em up a bit) I think I'll add some celery as well.