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> Has anybody else started planning their (USA) Thanksgiving dinners?

Oh, and our part of the menu will be:

Chex Mix (it's the beginning of Chex Mix season in our household)

Herb Roasted Turkey with Bourbon Gravy
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Wild Rice Dressing
Sweet Potato Rolls
Corn and Jalapeno Pepper Pudding
Shredded Brussels Sprouts

Chocolate Pecan Pie with Bourbon X 1
Cranberry Cherry Pie X 2
Pumpkin Pie (from real pumpkins) X 2
Nantucket Cranberry Pie X 2
Gingerbread with Chantilly Cream (made by my eldest son)

My MIL usually makes:

Deviled Eggs
Salad of Some Sort
Maybe an additional dessert

The Godparents usually make/bring:

Cranberry Horseradish Relish
Cheese Plate

We ask people to bring hors d'oevres, any traditional dishes from
their families that they would miss, side dishes, desserts or drinks.
They are not required to bring anything, however. I try to serve
American foods, as in foods from the Americas.

We usually serve a few wines, sparkling cider and sometimes homemade
eggnog to drink. Depending on the crowd, though, there are often not
that many drinkers, so we can skip the wine, and just have some liquor
out for adding to the eggnog.

We used to host a huge day after Thanksgiving leftovers potluck and
game day, which was a load of fun. We'd open up the house from 10:00
a.m. on, and folks would bring their leftovers that they wanted to share
or get rid of and we'd play games, socialize and/or watch movies until
late at night. Folks came and went and we asked the last people out to
close the door. Our former home was about 1000 square feet larger than
this, the climate was milder and it was set up more for entertaining, so
we could have various areas for different groups of people in the house,
basement and outside with no conflicts. I miss being able to do that.
It was my no stress entertaining day, too, because all the cooking was
already done. It was low key and relaxing and fun.

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