wen wrote:
> This Teaching says,
> "Secrecy has much deceit, cunningness and cynicism
> in it. Homosexuality, for years, has carried these
> characteristics. We cannot allow it to be thought of
> as a natural way of life. It is not. It is sad, but there
> is more to it than just being a sad situation. It corrupts
> the thinking, it destroys the purpose for which man was
> born to the world,

Which presupposes the author knows precisely and incontrovertibly why
"man was born to the world" (genetic imperative & sumptuary laws if you
read the whole rant) and we might add the flesh and the devil.

But that aside. The reasoning from nature of self evident natural laws
is based on as flawed a perspective and understanding of the natural
world as the belief in an after life and a God and/or saviour.

The Ancients saw a cycle of birth and death in the natural world. And
they reasoned form their limited perspective that as the tree is reborn
every year so must the individual man be.

We now know that not only is man NOT the centre of the universe, the sun
does not rise and set around him or his planet but we also know the tree
does not truly die, it hibernates or sleeps, systole and diastolic
rhythms to vegetable life.

Religion in general but christianity in particular is an elaborate
theology based on a flawed premise.

And if we start talking about waking up rather than being re born we
might have to conceded some buddhist terminology