On Sun 02 Mar 2008 10:15:02a, Brian Christiansen told us...

> What I was wondering was whether anyone has experience with the steam
> mops that they are hyping on the infomercials? According to the
> commercials they are easier to use than standard mops, cheaper (in the
> long run) than the wet jet mops, and work better than either of them.
> Also, according to the commercial, you don't have to wear gloves and a
> gas mask to use it.

In Europe, steam cleaners that look like USian cannister vaccuum cleaners
are very popular. I bought one several years ago that is made in Italy for
the US market. It's performance is phenomenal, but it cost an arm and a
leg, ~$1000 IIRC. But it's uses go far beyond cleaning the floor.

The only downside I see to the steam mop is the water capacity and length
of use before refilling. One generally has to wait to refill because of
the pressure built up in the tank. This is not true of the large cannister

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