On Nov 21, 4:18*am, Janet Bostwick <nos...@cableone.net> wrote:
> Alton Brown discussed spatchcocking a turkey yesterday as part of his
> 4-day countdown to Thanksgiving eating. *Quicker cooking and more even
> browning were obvious results. *While it didn't present the
> traditional appearance on the platter, I thought the presented
> spatchcocked bird was attractive. *So many of us carve the bird in the
> kitchen anyway, so why not spatchcock? *I'm going to do this for my
> next turkey.
> Janet US

I cut the thighs off and flip them over but cutting the backbone out
and flattening the bird out would work too. Cutting out the backbone
with scissors sounds not that easy. I might be game though. When it
comes time to decide, me and my bird will have a heart to heart. The
bird will let me know what to do. ✂