Another weird thing with usenet-news. The post I clicked on to reply to was
"Sorghum story", not "has anybody seen JILL". Kili was still living in the
thread that came up when I clicked. Usenet-news is really ****ed.

Guess it's time to delete old stuff and start over.

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> Jill's trying to prepare her mom as best she can, although I don't
> think her mom is ready.

From past personal experiences, if her Dad goes, her Mum won't be long
after. Christ!!........ you have 57 odd years of being with someone
almost 24/7 and they'd kill most people.

>It really is a bugger of a situation, but it
> *is* a fact of life.

Life's a bitch, and then you marry one ;-)

> Sometimes, some roads are just harder on us all,
> though. :-(

We all have to travel a rough road at some point in our life. The best
thing you can do is make sure you're pumped up, to be able to take all
the bumps.

Peter Lucas

You will travel through the valley of rejection;
you will reside in the land of morning mists...and you will find your
though it will not be where you left it.