On Thu, 04 Oct 2012 17:38:35 GMT, ratv <[email protected]>

> Best unsulphured molasses? Source online or retail.. most stores around
> here don't carry anything but the bog standard which is sulphered. Any
> Whole Foods or similar is a 2hr drive to either of the closest stores.
> Does it make a big change in taste? Other reasons? ? Other than its most
> likely the closest/same to the source Amish/Mennonite areas would have..
> Thanks.

Have you ever eaten what you're trying to make, so you know the
specific flavor profile you're aiming for? The way I understand it,
unsulphered isn't as strongly flavored... if I didn't have a choice, I
either wouldn't worry about it or I'd mix what's available with some
corn syrup to tone it down a bit.

I usually see two brands of unsulphered molasses on the shelf. They
are in every grocery store where I live, but I live in Northern
The brand I buy is "Grandma's"
I see you can buy it at Walmart, so you can probably buy it at Super
Target too.
Brer Rabbit is the another brand I see on the shelf

Neither one is expensive.

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