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> On Feb 11, 9:24*pm, Dave Smith
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>> It is very easy
>> to just filter the domain. Considering the vast amount of spam that
>> sometimes gets out of hand and the trolls bombing runs *that come from
>> gmail and the number of legitimate gmail users, there is relatively
>> little collateral damage.- Hide quoted text -

> However, it depends where you set the kill. I have my gmail as
> sending (therefore reply) address even though I`m actually sending
> from my Rogers account. So killfiling the domain would also remove my
> legitimate (except for my reply address) notes. Using gmail means
> that I don't need to use a munge or those awful NOSPAM in the address
> crap.
> Just pointing out a flaw to your otherwise cunning plan.

what is awful about putting NOSPAM or some other confounding characters
that are easily recognizable to human beings but not machines? i don't
understand your complaint.

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