somatic aura wrote:
> Scientology’s irrational dislike of psychiatry is very old news.
> They use various front organizations, such as the Citizens’ Commission
> on Human Rights (CCHR) to advance their position. On occasion, non-
> Scientologist “experts” get involved.
> In the case of the anti-psychiatry campaign, Thomas Szasz is a key
> figure.
> Szasz has close ties to the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI).
> The CEI is nothing but an extension of the oil and tobacco industries.
> Firms such as ExxonMobil have been known to pay six figure retainers
> to CEI “experts” such as John Berlau, Myron Ebell, and Marlo Lewis
> despite the fact that their expertise, such as it is, is in “spin” as
> opposed to science.
> Andrew Langer was with CEI; he left to join the National Federation of
> Independent Businesses (NFIB) and he now heads the Institute for
> Liberty (IFL).
> Langer is a committed member of CEI’s camp. He has defended Berlau
> against attacks on his pseudoscientific beliefs (e.g., that heating a
> gas makes it heavier). Langer is also an outspoken opponent of free
> speech.
> Brooke Oberwetter is another “refugee” from CEI. Her current project,
> DC Signal, claims to be a telecommunications policy consultancy. It is
> not clear what that means; it is, however, clear that they play a role
> in the propaganda attacks mounted by the opponents of psychiatry.
> Berlau, despite his odd ideas, does not seem to lack supporters.
> Another is Jacob Sullum, with Reason Magazine. Sullum, of course, is
> known to be a paid consultant to the tobacco industry, so this is not
> surprising.
> Another contingent has an irrational hatred of those who seek to treat
> adopted children with psychiatric problems.
> Jean Mercer holds a Ph.D. in psychology, but she has never held a
> professional license, that means she’s never treated a patient. She
> has a blog sponsored by Psychology Today, but when people posted
> comments on her blog asking about her background, she disabled the
> comment feature. This is censorship, so typical of Scientology and the
> “statist” ideology espoused by the likes of Berlau, Ebell, Lewis,
> Langer, and Oberwetter.
> Larry Sarner describes himself as an inventor. It is documented that
> he at least attempted to invent a voting machine. It is also
> documented that his machines did not work, resulting in significant
> losses to the investors, a financial scandal, and bankruptcy
> litigation. Sarner now spends his time promulgating quack theories on
> mathematics and science and running a propaganda campaign against
> qualified medical professionals.
> Sarner’s wife, Linda Rosa, should know better. She is a nurse.
> Nonetheless, instead of helping people, she has joined Sarner in his
> hate campaign.
> A frequent collaborator of Mercer, Sarner, and Rosa is Monica
> Pignotti. Pignotti was a Scientologist. Pignotti, after leaving
> Scientology, was also a practitioner of the bizarre disciplines of
> Thought Field Therapy and Voice Technology. Pignotti spends a great
> deal of time running her own hate and propaganda campaigns.
> A disturbing theme uniting the campaigns of Sarner, Rosa, Mercer, and
> Pignotti is the torture of children.
> Finally, we have Charly D. Miller. Miller claims to be a retired
> paramedic. Miller has plans, yet unrealized, to write travel guides
> for the locations in the Harry Potter books.
> Miller runs a website, with “opinion papers” that are often cited by
> Sarner and Rosa; these papers have been described as “incisive” but
> that must be a minority opinion!
> Miller’s site changes frequently. No, not because she adds new
> content, but because she tends to post copyrighted material. She will
> not respond to polite requests for its removal, so copyright owners
> have had to resort to legal means to force her to do so.

scientology are actually right about psychiatrists though, the bit
they're not right about is mental health itself.

here is a post i posted to another group recently.


this is the guy that "treated" me...

after they left, i felt isolated, dissmissed, and still feeling
unbelievably dark.

It still feels bad, but i feel i have nowhere to go, some days are
better, some days are bad. Tonight is ****ing bad. At the time of the
visit i had done what i was supposed to do according to my GP.

he hasn't stopped being criminally solipsistic. clearly