cybercat wrote:

> My rice had turned out gloppy, that time for fried rice. The instructions

> this 20-minute long grain white rice said 2 cups water 1 cup rice.
> Blake said make it 1:1 and I did.
> It's perfect. Thanks Blake!

I'd think that by now blake would be ashamed to "consort" with you here
after your recent behaviours on this froup, cyberpussie...

> This time I marinated chicken legs in soy, brown sugar, fresh garlic,

> ginger, and cider vinegar, then oven broiled (drained, just a little of

> marinade spooned over) and deboned, tossed with stirfry vegetables, served
> over the rice. With my favorite House of Tsang BOTTLED stir fry sauce,
> Wertz's favorite! Thanks Steve!

We're sorry, this post of yours does *nothing* to redeem you...


" I find Greg Morrow lowbrow, witless, and obnoxious. For him to claim that
we are some
kind of comedy team turns my stomach."
- "cybercat" to me on