Virginia Tadrzynski wrote:
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> news:[email protected]..
>> Foobar wrote:
>>> While not a mobility problem (legs still work), it is a handicap.
>>> Being too fat too walk to the store and needing a motorized shopping
>>> cart may also be considered a mobility problem, but I don't see anyone
>>> in the store preventing these people from buying a bunch of crap.
>>> Blindness also isn't a mobility problem.
>>> All depends on your outlook.

>> Heck, why not add depression to the list. The person might be too sad and
>> unmotivated to walk.

> If you ever watch any of the judge shows during the day (a FOX staple),
> almost every litigant is 'on disability' and when pressed they say 'it's
> depression'. That pissed me off. There are so many people with legitimte
> conditions that wouldn't dream of lining up for the dosh and these morons
> get a check for 'being sad'. Having had post partum depression, I know
> depression is a bitch, but there comes a time when you either pull yourself
> up by the bootstraps or get professional help, not make a career out of
> being 'sad'.
> -ginny

Having had a both a neighbour and a cousin commit suicide due to acute
depression I tend to be a bit more sympathetic.

On the other hand I suspect that the classification may be overused.

John Kane, Kingston ON Canada