"Brian Anasta" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:
> Hey Guys,
> Was just sitting at the breakfast table having a ponder about, well
> trolling in general I guess. Anyways, I got to thinking, if for example I
> was on death row, and I was about to indulge in my last ever troll
> before I was led away in shackles to the death chamber, what would I
> like THAT final troll to be?!
> Kinda gets you thinking, doesn't it?
> Well, since it WAS my idea, I will get the ball rolling, and list MY
> top 5 trolls if they were to be my last ever
> 1. Gotta be a nice troll on soc.culture.thai, with a piss-take on that
> extremely obnoxious, pompous and
> conceited buffoon Steve 'Kombat' Kramer a definite requirement!
> 2. Hard to beat a great troll on rec.radio.shortwave, with another
> discussion about my Grundig G6 Aviator (Buzz Aldrin Special Edition).
> 3. Hmmm, a tough one, but some of my many favorite sct trolls
> would have to be on this list.
> 4. I simply love a good troll on rec.food.cooking and to accompany
> that - at the same time having sex with a bowl of som tum!
> 5. I will be shouted down for this, but what about a piss-take on
> that cantankerous, drug-addicted, foul-mouthed greasy
> Spanish idiot Trivino Abelardo.
> Well guys, I hope some of you take the time to just think for a moment
> that if YOU ever had to decide to settle upon a 'final troll ever',
> just what would THAT be?!
> Can't wait to read your responses....
> Kind Regards and Good Luck with whatever posts you're preparing
> today,
> Brian Anasta

**Good post Bri! )

My choice would be the same as your numbers 1 and 5. *grin*

"They (the 'trolls') didn't 'take' the news group. We gave it to them. You
asked me not to respond to them, and I haven't. But just as in
soc.culture.thai, that makes no difference to them and they have continued
to flood that group with garbage for the past few YEARS. Insane people don't
just stop. They have to 'be' stopped. We can do it, but we have to do it
together. One person alone can't do it. The cooking news group managed to
throw them out. In fact, all they did was laugh them out. But they all did
it together." - newsgroup personality Steve 'Kombat' Kramer