Ed Pawlowski wrote:
> Would be interesting to know the real reason. My guess is that if he
> never showed up, they would all be closed for one reason or another.
> Some never should have been saved to begin with. Some should have
> never opened given the twits than ran them.
> I wonder what the track record for Restaurant Impossible is. Probably
> no better. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/794814 this place still
> sucks.

For a while Restaurant: Impossible was running about 50-50 a year after
the intervention. That's not bad given that all of them would have had
to close within six months or sooner without the intervention. I take
it the restaurants that Ramsey intervenes are also ones that would all
have failed without his intervention.

It's entertainment so in some sense none need to survive for years after
their episode but the fact that some really do turn around is nice.