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> > >I know that mine is not as bad as some do. *It may have to do with
> > >growing up *VERY high quality food meaning homecooked meal with no use
> > >of artificial flavoring. I was also lucky that my family's main source
> > >of protein was meat. *There were bad things too but not as bad as
> > >westren diet: sweet stuff was plentifully available in my family but
> > >my mother was VERY strict about what we must eat. *The habit continued
> > >such that I'd also eat a serving of veges in every meal (referring to
> > >when I eat at homem or order at a restaurant) except breakfast.

> > High quality food and artificial flavorings have absolutely nothing to do
> > with having/not having/severity of hypoglycemia.

> I think you misspelled "hypochondria".
> :-(
> > >I have never passed out but then I was always keenly aware my need for
> > >food whenever I feel low on energy. Just wish I have more energy most
> > >of the time (referring to these days), not just wihthin one hour after
> > >I eat.

> > Perhaps you're anemic instead of hypoglycemic?? *It's a far more common
> > condition, especially in young women. *If the only feeling you've ever had
> > is "weakness" it's not likely hypoglycemia. *Hypoglycemia comes with a whole
> > host of other symptoms that hit far before the passing out stage (shakiness,
> > tremors, palpitations, sweating, anxiety, confusion...). * You don't just
> > feel weak and then pass out. *It's a serious diagnosis, not one you can make
> > yourself based on how you feel.

> "keenly aware my need for food whenever I feel low on energy" sounds
> like simple hunger to me.

I wish I *feel* hunger - I mean offically - these days.
> > >My family has a history of Type II diabetes. *I am determined to not
> > >have it for the next 15 - 20 years at least. If I do, I'll consider
> > >not to live if it gets to be too much work. *I consier it my right
> > >to ...well, I'll stop here.

> > Having diabetes isn't a death sentence nor should it be "too much work"..
> > Get proper medical care, learn how to handle it, and there should be no
> > reason to consider other "solutions".

> It really shouldn't be any more work than what she is doing now,
> although it depends on the severity, of course. *I've been on insulin
> for several years now, and have had my share of hypoglycemic episodes.
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