[email protected] wrote:
> I'd like to propose a new newsgroup called
> rec.food.cooking.online.restaurant
> This newsgroup would be one to upload your cooking, and others can
> download the food to eat at home. Everyone can let others sample
> their cooking and express their opinions about it.
> It would be great to download a sample of each others cooking. Just
> open the tray on your CD or DVD player and there would be a food
> sample. Or connect your microwave to your USB port and you could get
> complete meals downloaded right to your home. During times of severe
> weather we would all have ready to eat meals if our stoves do not work
> and we are unable to drive to a restaurant.
> This should become a very popular site.
> Please show your support for:
> rec.food.cooking.online.restaurant

The Restaurant Industry Association of America (RIAA) will try to shut
it down due to illegal downloading.