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>>>> Vegitarian. Way more challenging to make satisfying food. Whether
>>>> that's a good thing or a bad thing is a matter of how you view
>>>> challenges. ;^)
>>> Buhhdists are vegans? Screw that.

>> As a matter of interest, do Buddhists allow unfertilized eggs as do
>> some Hindus?

> Buddhists allow meat consumption for health reasons. The Dalia Llama
> eats meat.
> Janet

I had a barber who was a Vietnamese Buddhist and we talked about food a lot.
She was supposed to bring me a recipe for vegetarian crispy spring rolls
that her family made during some sort of holy week but then she was gone
from the shop next time I came in. Drat. At least I learned something...
hoisin sauce and milk. Tastes a lot better than it sounds.