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> Do you have a "stand by" no recipe Pot Roast method?
> Ax example
> 1. Salt pepper & flour a large chuck roast in an electric frypan.
> 2. Brown said chuck roast in hot fat.
> 3. Add dry onion soup to the top of the roast & a can of Cream of
> Mushroom Salt (whoops soup).
> 4. Simmer
> 5. An hour before serving add quartered potatoes carrots and ???
> 6. Serve.
> What's yours?
> Dimitri

I've made it exactly that way many times and really enjoy it.

Another way I make it (also with onion soup mix) is to pulverize the soup
mix and rub it into the raw meat along with black pepper. I wrap it
loosely (but seal it tightly) in a double layer of heavy duty foil. Before
sealing, I slosh some Worcertershire sauce and soy sauce over it and add a
bay leaf. The wrapped roast is placed in a baking pan and roasted for 7-8
hours at 225F. Following that, I let it come to room temperature, then
chill it until the next day. A lot of liquid will have been produced,
which can also be thinned down some more with water (you don't need broth).
Slice the meat cold, lay in a pan and cover with the gravy. Cover the pan
with foil and heat until just at serving tempeature. This is know back in
OH as an "Amish" cooked roast.

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