3 kg tomatoes ,6 onions 3 chopped rough 3 chopped more fine.
1.5 tablespoon good white wine vinegar , 1.5 tblsp lemon juice

300 ml DRY white wine (used tullochs and sobels wines from Hunter
valley in this )
5 cloves garlic
salt and lots of freshly ground pepper
pinch sugar brown
1.5 tsp paprika use sweet or hot up to you
4 or 5 tblspns ground almonds
6 tbspn or more of good olive oil
1 cucumber very finely diced
120grams of finely diced olives use a mix of green and black
heap of mint
bit of parsley chopped up very very fine
2 red and 2 green cap;sicums de seed wah and chop up very very

skin the tomatoes put half into a blender with the onions vinegar
wine a little cold water and puree

in goes the garlic almonds paprika sal ,pepper and VERY gradually
add the olive oil and mint and lemmon juice


dessed and finely chop the rest of the tomatoes add to the bowls
cucumber ,oloves and half the capsicums season to taste and put into
a fridge to chill a few hours

just before serving mix in and parsley top with remaining
capsicums chopped up and sprig of parsely or mint I also add some
diced hot chilli

As he hit 51 C the other night this was well received

Except one lass thought the chopped chilli's were more red capsicum .

She is still suffering

This was a course before cold sliced rare Beef and Hot emu steaks
topped with Oysters Inside avocado halves
and or Mango halves ( we have mangos coming out of our ears at the
moment ) Avocados and Mango and the emu's are free .