This reminds me of the sniper shooting at Steve in the movie 'The
Jerk' while he worked at the filling station:

Steve Martin: "He Hates These Cans!"


On Mon, 20 Sep 2010 14:06:41 -0700, Mark M wrote:

> ?It's whatever you want it to be, Steve. Sorry to confuse you, but I've been
> name hopping to prevent a fellow from following easily. He started posting
> to a newsgroup I followed and then began posting filth using the names of
> about a dozen regulars to the group. Apparently, he likes to infiltrate a
> group, then pass himself off as "whatever" the group is about, such as a
> heart surgeon, mechanic, travel agent, engineer etc. He then identifies the
> people who are regulars on the group and suddenly, posts from "them" begin
> to appear, usually ending in sexually suggestive comments, comments about
> families and other very nasty things. His goal, IMHO, is to destroy the
> group, driving away the people who follow it. I'd followed the newsgroup
> for years and apparently had flown under this guy's radar. Then, a couple
> months back, I commented about a visit here with a couple who he'd
> identified as his targets on that newsgroup and suddenly, I found that "I"
> was making inane and dirty posts, presumably by him.
> In that case, I moved over to a maillist group that he has been excluded
> from, and just dropped the Usenet group, as did all the regulars from that
> newsgroup. What I do the name morphing for is to reduce the chance that
> he'd search for No**y's posts and locate this or the 3 other newsgroups I
> follow. I've seen him do this in a couple others, and don't want to bring
> him here or to other groups I might follow. Eventually, I'll morph back to
> No^^y and return to normal. I'm not trying to be a smart-a** or be strange,
> as it might seem.
> No^^y-Micajah-Tom-Mark- whatever <Grin>
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>> On Mon, 20 Sep 2010 10:36:29 -0700, Mark M wrote:
>>> Tom

>> Is Tom your first name or your last name?
>> -sw