On Mar 15, 2:18*am, "Brian Christiansen"
<brian_christi...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Every time I see this commercial:https://www.perfectbrownie.com/, I have to
> wonder what they used to cut up the the brownies into the big mess that is
> shown in the beginning of the commercial. *An axe? A chainsaw? Dynomite? *I
> have made a lot of brownies over the years, both from mixes and from
> "scratch," and haven't made that kind of a mess.
> Even difficulty *getting the first one out can easily be solved by lining
> the pan with parchament paper, not a difficult operation. *The browniescan
> be taken out of the pan before cutting so that even getting the first one
> out is no problem. *One of those baking pans that are made of silicone might
> also work, I don't know as I have never used one.
> Brian Christiansen

I saw that gizmo and wondered if the brownies would "stick" to the
grid just like they would the sides of a regular pan! Not much of a
solution for SUCH a tricky problem (sarcasm intended).

Some people will buy anything...

But maybe they could later use it to make really big ice cubes, as it
looks like an old-style ice cube tray.