in <[email protected]> (Wed, 9 Jan 2008 18:28:37 -0800 (PST)), Tracy wrote:
| I just received the latest Penzey catalog and they are trying to sell
| a new pepper mill. The zasen whatever is no longer available.
| Just wondering if it is a decent mill.

better late than never, i suppose...

i am almost ashamed to admit, but i now own four peppermills from Penzey's.
two of the larger Zassenhaus models with a crank and two of the newer models
(also the larger of the two sizes). i am a bit of a whore for peppermills

i actually prefer the grind of the Zassenhaus models a bit more, not to
mention the crank is a bit more convenient. i have never had a problem with
the Zassenhaus models losing the plastic parts due to wood shrinkage (did i
really just say ``wood shrinkage''?). but i use them often, and am
disappointed by the small hopper volume.

the newer ones are nice, but i wonder about quality control. i have two of
them. on the finest setting, one produces consistently fine grind, but one
is a bit coarse and inconsistent. i considered sending it back for
replacement, but i relegated it to stove top use exclusively where i don't
care so much about consistent grind.