On Jan 9, 1:33*pm, "Nunya Bidnits" <nunyabidn...@eternal-
september.invalid> wrote:
> They were out of gas and beaten up. Mendenfail and Rapistberger are cooked.
> Old age has overtaken their D. They lost to the Donkeys, who backed into the
> playoffs off of three straight losses. ROTFL!!! Next week Timmah will run
> into a *real* playoff team while Thug Harrison and Rapistberger watch TV.
> Still, I would have been happier to see the Donks lose yesterday, but not
> because I wish anything good on the Squealers. The only nice thing about
> that game was that one of them had to lose.

The Steeler D is still good. Defense and offense go hand in
hand. Without a running game - which is their fault for choosing to
be another pass happy team - their D suffers. They almost came back.
They gave up some big plays. Their secondary is suspect. Their
linebackers are still great. But they were missing quite a few
important players, and those who did play were messed up. I don't
think Roethlisberger is washed up unless his injuries catch up with
him, as well might happen. But really, if I had a team that was not
settled and needed a QB, I'd take Roethlisberger in his prime health
before Brady or Peyton Manning or Brees. I think Eli Manning is
better than his brother. Not mechanically. But he's more into the
game. He's more "there". He's in the feel. He has more moxie than
his brother. I always thought Peyton Manning was over rated and over
revered. That team was heading down before he got hurt. I wonder too
if maybe some odd way the Steelers might be the victim of their very
own Rooney rule. That coach does some stupid things, one of which was
not start Batch or someone else against Frisco that night. Same thing
there as with Denver - the Steeler D was not spectacular - but it was
their lack of offense that lost it for them. That's why I like a
running game. They're abandoning it in the NFL, which is one reason
why I'd like to see Houston or SF move on, although Baltimore also has
a pretty good running game, and the Pats short pass game is much like
a running game anyway. Who knows? Even I, the world's greatest
handicapper, is at a total loss this post season (even though I stand
at 3-1 in our post season cume pool).