On Feb 2, 4:32*pm, Michael OConnor <mpoconn...@aol.com> wrote:
> > To be honest, I like Pee Wee. When my oldest son was little, we'd
> > watch Pee Wee's Play House together on Saturday mornings- the Xmas
> > episode was hilarious *I recall him being in a Cheech & Chong movie
> > also as an inmate in a nut house? Kinda fuzzy about that tho...

> That was Nice Dreams, where Pee Wee played the Hamburger Man. *He also
> had a cameo in the Blues Brothers as one of the waiters at the fancy
> restaurant where Jake and Elwood recruited the maitre D to join their
> band.
> I always liked Pee Wee also, he had such an odd sense of humor and his
> Saturday morning show was a show you could watch with your kids and
> you would both find it entertaining. *I saw his new HBO show a month
> or two back, and was surprised how well he has aged; hard to believe
> he turns 60 years old this year.

LOL- I saw that also. There was another live show that had Phil
Hartman as Captain Carl, but that must have been quite awhile ago. It
was pretty much the same story line as the recent one.