On Feb 2, 4:32*pm, Michael OConnor <mpoconn...@aol.com> wrote:
> > To be honest, I like Pee Wee. When my oldest son was little, we'd
> > watch Pee Wee's Play House together on Saturday mornings- the Xmas
> > episode was hilarious *I recall him being in a Cheech & Chong movie
> > also as an inmate in a nut house? Kinda fuzzy about that tho...

> That was Nice Dreams, where Pee Wee played the Hamburger Man. *He also
> had a cameo in the Blues Brothers as one of the waiters at the fancy
> restaurant where Jake and Elwood recruited the maitre D to join their
> band.
> I always liked Pee Wee also, he had such an odd sense of humor and his
> Saturday morning show was a show you could watch with your kids and
> you would both find it entertaining. *I saw his new HBO show a month
> or two back, and was surprised how well he has aged; hard to believe
> he turns 60 years old this year.

I liked his Big Adventure movie...especially when he hitches a ride in
the semi with Large Marge.