Steve Carroll wrote:
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>> on 2/3/09 5:24 PM:
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>>>>> On Feb 3, 9:48 am, Steve Carroll <> wrote:
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>>>>>>> sorry, but declaring your income is not vaguely convoluted. :P
>>>>>>> beyond that, the convoluted stuff typically involve deductions,
>>>>>>> which is quite different than not declaring the income in the
>>>>>>> first place! and it's VERY easy to follow the rules- if you're
>>>>>>> unsure, don't claim the deduction.

>>>>>> Mute point in TD's case now... he's just withdrawn.

>>>>> pet peeve of mine- MOOT point, MOOOOOT. sounds nothing like mute.
>>>>> :P

>>>> A mute who points? A mime?

>>> Frequent type of mistake. If I don't watch carefully I'll confuse
>>> homonyms most of the time. Close here butt not exactly homonymous.

>> Oh, especially in informal writing as this it is no big deal...
>> though Steve has freaked out over catching me switch "there" and
>> "their". Of course I know the difference... but I sometimes swap
>> them on Usenet. Butt that is know big deal.

> I point it out to show you how much of a pedantic ass you look like
> when you do that sort of thing (and I've only pointed it out a couple
> of times). Of course, you, being a hypocrite, deny you have ever done
> the same to others.

What about all of Snit's penandic crap in whining about the term
"synonymous"? Come on, Snit, are you going to deny that?