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> > > Here's a good slide show of the ceremonies at the Peace Arch crossing
> > > between the US and Canada.

> > So, you live in or near Blaine? I've been to Semiahmoo a couple times
> > for company meetings. I was a long time resident in Kitsap County -
> > east shore of Hood Canal (facing the Olympic Peninsula}. We still have
> > the property,
> > but I live most of the time in Northern California.

> I'm a Bellingham resident. I figure the whole of Whatcom County as my
> 'neighborhood'. Hell, I figure Seattle is my neighborhood as well as
> Vancouver, BC. ;-)

BTW, they are TRUCKING snow from Mt. Baker to the Olympic venues since
we are having an El Nino winter this year....no
snow below 5000 feet, Whistler has snow but lots of other places don't
and the Olympic people are frantically trying to
get snow where it is needed.

send them to my driveway, they can have all they want.