Anthony Ferrante wrote:

> Life Term for Ex-Cop in Woman's Death
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> (57 years in prison for a copy who killed his young wife and their
> unborn baby. I am sure he will be in terror for the next 57 years as
> we all have heard what prisoners think of cops and child-killers)
> Feb 27, 3:36 PM (ET)
> CANTON, Ohio (AP) - A judge in Ohio has spared a former police officer
> convicted of killing his pregnant girlfriend and their unborn daughter
> from the death penalty.

How did the judge "[spare him] from the death penalty"...

> Jurors recommended a sentence of life in prison with the chance of
> parole after 30 years for Bobby Cutts Jr. Judge Charles Brown Jr. gave
> Cutts no chance of parole for 57 years.

....if the jurors decided his sentence?

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