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Any vegetable oil will oxidize. Heat, light and exposure to air will
accelerate. The most suseptible is probably linseed, which is
quite edible when fresh, but quickly oxidizes and develops a
grassy odor making it unbpalatible, suitable only for use in
paints. Keep your olive oil cool and away from light. But, how do
you have unused olive oil long enough to go bad?

Oh, did I mention that corn, flaxseed, canola and peanut
are all vegetable oils?

>OUZO, the name, seems also kinda familiar

Ouzo is not an oil at all, but an anise flavored brandy made
in Greece. In Turkey it is called raki. Put a little ice water
in it and it turns milky (Lions' Milk) and will deliver a
world class hangover. Useful for adding a fennel-like
flavor to italian sauces when you cannot use fennel
frond or seed.