Sqwertz wrote:
> The last plant in the United States that made sugared Dr Pepper since
> 1891 - in Dublin, TX - has closed down and the last case has been
> bought. It sold for over three as much as regular Dr Pepper and had
> quite a following, and was selling well. They also sold the syrup for
> select retail/restaurant locations.
> Dr Pepper/Snapple Group has promised to still make it, somehow
> somewhere. But they never will.
> <http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/demise-of-dublin-dr-pepper-brand-has-texas-community-worried-about-losing-its-identity/2012/01/13/gIQAnptGxP_story.html>
> Fortunately I can get cases of store brand "Dr. Pepper", as well as
> cola, root beer, orange burst, and Big Red - all made with real sugar
> for $2/12-pack.
> http://www.heb.com/product/H-E-B-Pur...r-Sodas/100022
> So how can my store sell sugared soda for $.17/can while Big Cola
> charges $.33-.50/can for HFCS soda?
> -sw

It's a bit sad, I've driven past the Dublin plant a number of times, but
these days I mostly drive diet cherry Dr. Pepper.